Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility


We have two great passions: one is to offer clients value added goods and services, and the other is to support activities, which are of interest and benefit for all of society. At Skonto group companies, we highly value the contribution of our experts to the success of the company and the workers’ rights, and therefore offer our employees health insurance, as well as a salary that is adequate given their expertise in the construction sector.

Testimony to the high quality of our efforts is a number of annual certificates and awards from the Latvian Builders Association, Latvian Association of Power Engineers and Energy Constructors, and the Latvian Energy Construction Association for all areas of activity of the company.

Already in the stages of work planning and preparation, specific precautions are taken to reduce noise, vibrations, dust and exhaust emissions. We apply environmentally-friendly methods and technology throughout all project phases. We take the utmost precautions with polluting substances in order to protect soil and water.

Climate protection and the conservation of resources are not just a matter of conviction, but are integral elements of our daily business.

We support numerous organizations with monetary donations, contributions in kind, and personal involvement. As a company which acts responsibly, we support initiatives, foundations and campaigns with a focus on areas including environment, culture and sport.

Skonto group has provided financial investment and its workforce expertise for renovation and maintenance of historical and cultural heritage.

Skonto group is supporting also several sports teams and federations.

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