As an export division of the biggest construction group in Baltics, Skonto Enterprises main responsibility is Skonto group's enterprises production promotion and sale in foreign markets.

As a whole, enterprise companies in Latvia have opened seven production lines or factories, each of them producing certain building and construction materials for local and international real estate project developers:

  • Aluminium glass roduction factory
  • Lightweight cladding production line
  • Sheet metal contract manufacturing
  • Prefabricated concrete elements’ factory

We also offer to our customers such services as design, consultancy, assembling/mounting and logistics to site in any of the export markets we operate. In order to find out more about our factory capacity, product range, services and completed projects of various enterprise companies, please search our site at particular factory.

We strongly believe that our approach to partners, workforce, and overall operational process management  ensure us and our clients success in today’s highly advanced manufacturing environment.

Adequate investment in production process modernatization hand in hand with regular workforce qualification upgrade are relevant to industry requirements in order  not only to remain competitive but also quarantie growth and expansion for Skonto Group companies  both geographically and production - wise.

Our experience shows that we are capable to produce and deliver products on deadline at a competitive price, in accordance with customer needs and  well shaped internationally recognized  quality standards .

Testimony of our efforts and results are number of quality related certificates we hold, production sites we operate, export markets we have captured, and annually increasing turnover of our enterprises.

SKONTO PREFAB certificates
SKONTO PLAN certificates