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Manufacturing plant of “Skonto Plan Ltd” recognized the most power efficient industrial building

21 Jul, 2013

SIA “Skonto Plan Ltd” manufacturing plant in Tukums won the competition “The most power efficient building in Latvia 2013”, which was organized by the Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, and magazine “Būvinženieris”, in the category “The most power efficient industrial building 2013”.

In the territory of manufacturing plant there are 25 buildings, five of which – metal constructions manufacturing shop, storehouse, PVC constructions manufacturing shop, glass packets manufacturing shop, and aluminum constructions manufacturing shop – have undergone activities for improvement of power efficiency.

The building of aluminum constructions manufacturing shop has had the solar collector installed for provision of hot water; in the glass packets manufacturing shop a reconstruction of heating systems was carried out. The storehouse building and building of metal constructions manufacturing shop have had improvements of delimitation structures and reconstruction of heating systems. Buildings are heated with firewood resources. In addition to firewood, old wooden window frames are burnt in the boiler house. For production of windows and doors PVC profile systems and double-glass packets are used. For coverings of external walls and roof 205 mm thick mineral wadding is used. Hydro-isolation is ensured from the outside. The total financing invested in the project is 575 752,21 lats, the granted CCFI co-financing is 316 101,62 lats.
Economy Minister Daniels Pavļuts says that increase in costs of energy resources makes everyone think and search for ways to work and live more efficiently. Power efficiency helps to reduce consumption of energy resources and, correspondingly, also their cost.

Competition “The most power efficient building in Latvia” has become a nice tradition to say thanks to developers of power efficiency projects and with the good example encourage even larger part of society to take part in the power efficiency movement, reduce costs and improve our environment. Power efficiency activities are important not only for apartment residents, but also in transportation and manufacturing, providing companies with an opportunity to become more efficient and competitive,” Pavļuts says.

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